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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

when the door close !

Dongwoon :
Before saying your last farewell to me ,
Please stop for just a moment ,
And llok at me while smilling ,
Doojoon :
Stay for just a bit ,
You who had given me light to me ,
Even it’s the end ,
I don’t wan’t to show you my tears ,
You , (while putting on a smile for you )
I say thank you , for making happy moment ,
Dongwoon :
(shining with nan awkward smile)
I’m sending you awy like this but ,
*Doojoon :
When this door close ,
When the image of you disappears ,
I’ll probably spen the day with tearse ,
Because of the memories with you , I’m left alone ,
I wish you wii happier ,
+Doongwoon :
When I got of this hand now ,
I’ll no longer have any reason to smile but ,
When I see you smilling ,
In another embrace , I’ll try to smile ,
Doojoon :
At the end of you long relation ship with him ,
Please know that it’ll be me standing there , waiting
Dongwoon :
Even if you ever get flasher oh memories with him ,
Doojoon :
I’ll try to promise that I’ll make you smile even more than those time but ,
You , if show me your tears ,
Dongwoon :
And say that it’s difficult ,
Because that is only farewell by that person side ,
Doojoon :
While I hold onto your hand ,
With a blank expression ,
Dongwoon :
I’m holding onto you like this but ,
Repeat * and + ….
Doojoon :
My heart become weak ,
Before I can be woth you again ,
Dongwoon :
So that you won’t see me while my tears come out .
Dongwoon and Doojoon :
Please don’t back and just go …
Repeat * and + ….


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  1. hey! blog awk comel! kalau free singgah la di blog sy! :)

  2. hha . trime kaseh . klo cntek follow . hha . da usya da . cntek blog akq :))